Eden Alternative Home

We can offer you information about how to have an Eden Alternative RCFE.
We are a group of highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to a quality future in residential care for the elderly, by helping to avoid the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom.
This can be accomplished by providing an opportunity for a life worth living, not just time spent waiting to die.
We believe in the quality of life as the main priority of being able in age in place no matter where the location.

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Creating Homes Where Life is Worth Living
The Eden Alternative shows how companionship, the opportunity to give meaningful care to other living things, and the variety and spontaneity that mark an enlivened environment, can succeed where pills and therapies often fail. Places that have adopted the Eden Alternative typically are filled with plants, animals, and are regularly visited by children

The Eden Alternative is also about changing the culture of long-term care organizations. The departmentalized, task-orientation of the current institutional model has created a culture that is characterized by pessimism, cynicism and stinginess. By moving away from the top-down bureaucratic approach to management and moving decision making closer to the Elders, Edenizing organizations are helping to support a meaningful life for their Elders.

Studies show that implementation of The Eden Alternative is a powerful tool for improving quality of life and quality of care for those living in nursing homes. Also, in homes that have adopted Eden as an organizational-wide philosophy, there is often improved staff satisfaction and retention and significant decreases in the overuse of medications and restraints. Most importantly, Elders, supported by their caregivers, can once again direct their own daily lives.

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