Medication Classes & Medication Shadowing for RCFEs

Medication Classes and Monitoring for RCFE’s Assisted Living Communities.

We can come to your  RCFE Community or private home and train your staff in medication administration.

We have RN’s that can do Medication Shadowing to comply with the following Sate of California Law

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What is Medication Shadowing?
It is a monitoring system whereby a Licensed person monitors the medication administration for the 6 Rights.

The 6 Rights of Medication Administration

    1. Right Resident
    2. Right Drug
    3. Right Dose
    4. Right Time
    5. Right Route
    6. Right Documentation


Click here to view the details for the 6 medication Rights

RCFEs: Medication Training for Direct Care Staff


AB 2609 (Evans), CHAPTER 615, STATUTES OF 2006

Affects: Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFEs)

Subject: RCFEs: Medication Training for Direct Care Staff

Summary: This new law, which is effective January 1, 2008, adds Section 1569.69 to the Health and Safety Code. It requires direct care staff in RCFEs, excluding licensed medical professionals, to meet specified training requirements, including passing an examination, in order to be able to assist residents with the self-administration of medications. It does not authorize unlicensed personnel to directly administer medications.

This law requires 16 hours of initial training on specified topics relating to medications (including eight hours of hands-on shadowing and eight hours of other training or instruction) for staff who assist residents with the self-administration of medications in facilities licensed with a capacity of 16 or more residents, and six hours (including two hours of hands-on shadowing and four hours of other training or instruction) for staff in facilities with a licensed capacity of 15 or fewer residents. The training material and exam for all RCFEs must be developed by, or in consultation with, a licensed nurse, pharmacist or physician. Each employee who received the initial training and passed the required exam, and who continues to assist with the self-administration of medications, must also complete four hours of in-service training on medication-related issues in each succeeding 12-month period.

RCFEs licensed to provide care for 16 or more residents must maintain documentation that demonstrates that a consultant pharmacist or nurse has reviewed the facility’s medicationmanagement program and procedures at least twice a year. Licensees must encourage pharmacists and licensed medical professionals to use “plain English” (no abbreviations, symbols, or Latin medical terms in instructions) when preparing labels on medications supplied to residents.

Implementation: As of January 1, 2008, licensing staff will use the statutory provisions in Health and Safety Code Section 1569.69 as the authority for citing and implementing this law until regulations are adopted. If there are questions concerning statute, then decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

During the next regularly scheduled visit, or complaint visit, to an RCFE, Licensing Program Analysts (LPAs) must notify the administrator about the new requirements for