Dementia Training

Dementia Training for RCFE’s  and Assisted Living Communities.

We offer Dementia Training that will meet the State of California Requirements.

We can also teach individual classes for family members.

Below is a good Description of a Dementia Care Program.

Dementia Care Specialty Program
A person-centered dementia care program values and fosters a dynamic culture that supports a partnership among persons served, families/support systems, and providers. Leadership recognizes that dementia care is a maturing, challenging, and forward-thinking field. It commits to providing the supports, resources, and education needed to stay current while enriching and optimizing the:
— Function and quality of life of persons served.
— Strengths of persons served.
— Capabilities of personnel.
— Performance of the program.
— Partnerships with families/support systems.
Through ongoing communication and assessment processes, the program demonstrates that it:
— Knows the histories, preferences, abilities, interests, skills, talents, and ongoing needs of persons served and recognizes and anticipates that these change over time.
— Bridges the person’s past, present, and future.
Through these processes, persons served maintain their dignity and preserve their selfhood.
Leadership recognizes personnel’s unique needs, abilities, interests, skills, and talents. It creates and supports a learning culture that provides teaching, coaching, modeling, supervision, and evaluation. Leadership oversees the evaluation of this learning culture in its performance improvement system.

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