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Keep all your medical records organized and accessbile

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Secure Your Medical Records And Other Important Documents Now!
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Protect your family’s medical records. is the easiest and most secure way to store your Personal Health Records &other vital documents online.

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Your full Personal Health Record account includes a free personal fax number for both inbound and outbound faxing.

– Records from all your doctors will be viewable in your Personal Health Record account for you and your entire family.

– Any healthcare professional can simply fax medical records directly into your password-protected account.

You can upload medical records, images, photos and other important documents into your account.

– Store & manage all your important information in a secure password-protected online personalized filing cabinet.

– You control who sees your records and how you share them. It’s 100% secure, private and confidential. -Start using your account right away!

Makes it easy for consumers to import medical records from all their healthcare providers regardless of the medical records system being deployed. In addition to securely storing medical records, a MyMedicalRecords account includes a “MyEsafeDepositBox” inside at no additional cost. That feature allows consumers to conveniently manage copies of all their other important documents, such as insurance policies and claims, birth certificate and powers-of-attorney, in one safe place ( also features a patented Emergency Login to enable emergency medical personnel to access potentially lifesaving information in an emergency or disaster when every second counts, while all other information in a user’s account is protected from view. Each MyMedicalRecords account covers a family of up to 10 members and is bilingual in English and Spanish.

The MyMedicalRecords PHR ( personal health record) enables individuals and families to access their medical records and other important documents, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance policies and wills, anytime from anywhere using the Internet. MyMedicalRecords is built on proprietary, patented technologies to allow documents, images and voicemail messages to be transmitted and stored in the system using a variety of methods, including fax, phone, or file upload without relying on any specific electronic medical record platform to populate a user’s account.

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What is the 2011 “SUPERBUG” CRKP?

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The bacteria carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae, or CRKP has been found in two cases in California medical facilities.


This extremely deadly bacteria produces pneumonia-like symptoms and seems to be more prevalent among the elderly, especially those in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities.

Carbapenems, which are powerful antibiotics, are not effective against CRKP due to the bacteria’s production of enzymes that defend against the super-antibiotics. This makes treatment difficult and forces doctors to use a cocktail of several antibiotics in an attempt to cure the patient.

The areas affected include San Bernadino and Los Angeles county. Health officials in these areas have been notified and are keeping an eye out for those who have potentially been infected with CRKP.



PacificCare Lawsuit 1.3 Billion for 130,000 Violations

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

PacifiCare Faces $1.3 Billion in Penalties for Over 130,000 Violations

California Insurance Commissioner Steven Poizner and the Director of the California Department of Managed Care (DMHC), Cindy Ehnes, announced that they are seeking $1.3 billion for over 130,000 alleged claim violations made by PacifiCare. It is the first action ever taken by both departments against a single health care provider.

Details of the violations

The Department of Insurance conducted market examinations that reviewed PacifiCare files between July 1, 2005 and May 31, 2007. It identified over 130,000 violations – each subject to penalties of $5,000 for non-willful violations and up to $10,000 for willful violations. When you add those numbers up, PacifiCare faces fines of between $650,000 to a staggering $1.3 billion (and this is not a typo – that’s billion, with a ‘B’.) The examinations were conducted in response to hundreds of complaints received from both consumers and providers.

The alleged violations include:

  • Wrongful denials of covered claims
  • Incorrect payment of claims
  • Lost documents including certificates of creditable coverage and medical records
  • Failure to timely acknowledge receipt of claims
  • Multiple requests for documentation that was previously provided
  • Failure to address all issues and respond timely to member appeals and provider disputes
  • Failure to manage provider network contracts and resolve provider disputes

Other violations / recoveries

According to a joint press release, the DMHC has already assessed the company, which was acquired by United Healthcare in 2005, a $3.5 million penalty for its practices – the largest fine it has ever imposed. The Department of Insurance also directed a self-audit of the company for unfairly denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. That audit resulted in over $750,000 in claims recoveries.

Putting an end to unfair claims practices

According to Poizner, this joint effort is meant to put an end to unfair claims practices in California. In a press release, he said:

Paying claims is the heart of the insurance business model and the most fundamental job insurers must perform. After years of broken promises to California regulators, it became crystal clear that PacifiCare simply could not or would not fix the meltdown in its claims paying process. We’re going to put an end to that. If PacifiCare can’t understand the ABC’s of basic claims payment, maybe it will understand the dollars and cents of regulatory action.

To view the press release, go to:


Need LVN Full Time in Atascadero, CA

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

If you are an LVN and looking for a rewarding job working with seniors in a small private Assisted Living RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly) in Atascadero California.
Call us! 805-452-3225 – Or fax your resume to 805-473-7405

Great Job for the right person who like working with the Elderly!

Upscale small Assisted Living RCFE -Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
Quiet home like environment
Residents and staff are treated like family with respect and dignity

Immediate full time opening for an LVN in Atascadero, California

In upscale small Assisted Living RCFE -Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
Quiet home like environment
Job Description:
Supervise CNA’s
Medication (MAR) Management, and Medication Administration to Elderly Residents
Create Needs and Service plans for residents

Work hours could be made very flexible
Compensation: Depending on experience
Participatory health care insurance provided after 90 days

California LVN license must be current
If you have ever been arrested for any reason or take narcotic medications please do not respond.
Extensive background check and drug screening is required for this position.
DOJ Fingerprints required
TB Test and Physical Required

E-mail resume

Elder Care Residential Services on KVEC Radio

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Today Elder Care Residential Services CEO Kitty Wilde RN was interviewed by Deborah Bayles the Radio Host for ” The Best is Yet to Be” on KVEC Talk Radio 920 in San Luis Obispo California.

Kitty Wilde RN guest on KVEC Radio Show "The Best is Yet to Be"

Kitty Wilde RN guest on KVEC Radio Show "The Best is Yet to Be"

The program will air this Saturday 9-24-10 at 12 noon on KVEC  Talk Radio in San Luis Obispo California.
Topics that were discussed today were:
Quality aging in place no matter where the location
Training for Caregivers / Care Partners – First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens, Dementia Training and Activities of Daily Living
Medication Management
Jitterbug Cell phones – simple cell phones for Seniors
Dakim Brain Fitness – for everyone to help improved cognitive performance (memory and speed of processing)
Eden Alternative principles and the three plagues of , Loneliness, helplessness and boredom accounting for the bulk of suffering among our Elders

Deborah Bayles hosts the radio show called “The Best is Yet to Be”

Deborah thoughts on aging…It occurred to me recently that most of the articles and information out there portray aging as a disease — not a phase of life worth celebrating. I mean, after all, we should count ourselves lucky if we are among the aging. It sure beats the alternative. So I thought, what if there was a forum and a community that actually celebrated aging? What if you could make the rest of your life the best of your life? That’s how this radio show — and this website–got started.

Deborah Bayles Hosting " The Best is Yet to Be" radio show

Deborah Bayles Hosting " The Best is Yet to Be" radio show

Each week she interviews top local experts in their fields on the show to talk about various aspects of positive aging. I figure that rather than look at our future as something to be dreaded, we should enthusiastically affirm “The Best is Yet to Be!”

Click her for more info on the Radio Show ” The Best is Yet to Be” with Deborah Bayles

Click here for more KVEC 920 Radio Information