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Want a Simple Cell Phone?

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

The Jitterbug Cell Phone is a simple cell phone.

New Jitterbug J Cell Phone with More Affordable Service is an Easy to Use
Personalized Companion for Anyone Seeking a Lifestyle of Simplicity
Sleek New Handset Offers Style and Comfort
Wider Variety of Easy-To-Use Services Can “Turn On and Off” Anytime to Keep Things Simple

Q: What makes the Jitterbug J so easy to use?

A: The Jitterbug J is extremely intuitive and customizable. Only see the features you want. The lower part of the display screen, called the “Command Area”, displays simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions that make using the phone very easy. For example, if you’re using your Phone Book and the name of your friend or family member is highlighted, the Command Area will display the question, “CALL?” To place the call, simply press the “Yes” key or use the scroll key to move to the next entry in your Phone Book, just like changing channels on a TV remote.

Jitterbug Cell phone

Jitterbug Cell phone