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What is Angel on a Lease?

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

ANGEL ON A LEASH has a simple goal: to create the best therapy dog programs in health care facilities and other settings across the country.

Just as a patient’s experience is enhanced by attention to a facility’s architectural and landscape environment, Angel On A Leash understands that a properly administered and monitored therapy dog program will optimize patient and employee satisfaction.

ANGEL ON A LEASH differs from other animal-assisted interactions programs in the following ways:

1. Our product consists of the most highly trained teams of insured volunteer handlers and their dogs, ANGEL’s customers are our partner facilities and the clients they serve.

2. ANGEL offers a customized approach to therapy dog programs. Every facility has its own unique needs and culture. Each ANGEL program will be adapted to serve the needs of the facility’s patient population.

3. ANGEL will guide each facility in its administration of its program’s details. We will provide initial guidance as well as ongoing support. An ANGEL partnership will alleviate the burden that “add-on” volunteer programs often inadvertently put on administration and staff.

4. Using research and feedback from facilities and volunteers, ANGEL will continually upgrade screening guidelines for volunteers and training procedures for partner facilities and our volunteer teams.

5. ANGEL staff will make site visits to partner facilities, working directly with a facility’s staff to identify opportunities for implementing new programs and optimizing existing programs.

6. ANGEL will create a custom template for each partner facility. The template will include training and screening guidelines for volunteers, and procedures for employees.

7. ANGEL will offer professional growth and development opportunities for facility employees as well as awards and promotions for high performing volunteers and staff.

8. Partner facilities will be represented by a Facilities Committee that functions as an advisory committee to our Board of Directors. Input from the facilities will ensure that their changing needs are met, and allow us to help them solve problems as well as share best practices information with all of our partners.

9. Research leads to excellence. ANGEL will conduct research with and on behalf of our partner facilities. Our research will range from administering customer satisfaction surveys for patients and clients, to research partnerships that assess the impact of animal-assisted interactions. We will also work with facilities to create research projects as needed.

The people who oversee the program are a most unique management team, The ANGEL ON A LEASH Strategic Plan was written by a team of health care partners, business and legal professionals, hospital executives, veterinarians, clergy, obedience instructors and handler-volunteers with extensive experience in animal-assisted interactions. The goal is to help facilities create, design and implement therapy dog programs that will enhance their patients’ and clients’ experiences.



Valentine’s Activities for Elders

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Guess how much Love is in the Jar
Put lots of candy hearts in a glass jar and as the Elders to guess number of candies in the jar. Person who makes the closest guest gets to take the candies. This activity will help you to connect with each Elder.

Elders on Valentines Day

Edlers on Valentines Day

Heart Hunt
This activity can be planned for Elders and kids. All you need to do is hide a number of paper hearts around easy to find places. Ask the Elders to gather as many hearts as they can.

Flower Walk or Drive

Instead of sending flowers, take your elder to a  flower show or local garden or flower fields. You might  drive or wander through the Spring Flowers area and take in the colors and scents of the gorgeous flowers and plants.

The Gift of Time

Perhaps the best gift you can give any Elder is just the gift of time.   Sit and have a cup of tea and talk.  Just visit. That’s all they need.

Inexpensive Valentine Props

Stock up on stuff from the Dollar Store.  Fill the House with hearts and Valentine items.  Have candy bowl  for staff and visitors in a room designated as the Valentine Room.  Everyone coming into the room gets a treat.
Valentine Memories
Elders will enjoy remembering sweetheart things from their earlier days.  First Date and First Kiss stories can get the memory ball rolling.

Pet Visits
Have a dog to visit with a  red bow and or  some hearts on their collar.

Valentine PJ Party
Look  for Heart PJ’s for Men an Women.  Have a PJ Party with hats and  cloth hearts that can be attached to PJ’s.

Serve Valentine shaped snacks.  Heart shaped Pancakes, waffles sandwiches, cookies.

Put a Valentine surprise under the Elder’s pillow.  Everyone loves a surprise, and Elders get very few surprises!